Dixie Cup Concrete Planters

Here’s a quick video of me making these planters for shower favors. I made about 30 of them. I got large and small Dixie cups from Costco. I used rocks and/or sand to weigh down the small cup in the larger one. I got the finest concrete I could find from a local home improvement store. I left them to cure for 24-48 hours, then peeled the Dixie cups off. In retrospect I wish I hadn’t painted them gold (see my very first Instagram post) but rather left them as is. I love the rustic look of plain concrete against the soil and greenery. Also, the gold paint didn’t hold very outdoors well despite the multiple coats plus sealant.

Finished product. For more, see my very first Instagram post @workhardplanthard.

Tiny macrame plant hangers

I made these during the holidays and sold as a fundraiser. They make great ornaments but can be used year round and hung anywhere. Some people have used them as car ornaments hung from the rearview mirror. You need to know the basics of macrame to make them – I suggest @waverlyknots or @reformfibers for Instagram and YouTube tutorials.

They make nice live ornaments planted with little succulents.

Swing Shelves

See my story highlights on Instagram @workhardplanthard for a DIY on these swing shelves. Super easy and fun!